Tobias Fouracre has collaborated with UK digital health brand Numan and Uncle Sunshine on a series of stop-motion videos about men's health. The new campaign addresses the issue with a cast of characters including " Inertia Man”, “Dunks”  and “Doc”.

The series of commercials sees our hero, Dunks, arriving unexpectedly to coax Inertia Man into action at all the right moments and help him to tackle his health problems head-on with the simple call to action to ‘do something’ with

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Production Agency: Uncle Sunshine
Production Facilities: Mackinnon & Saunders Creative@Numan: Paul Colman
Producer: Dolly Course
Directors: Tobias Fouracre, Steven Qua
Director of Photography: Malcolm Hadley
Lighting Cameraman: John Duffy
Camera/Motion Control / Gaffer etc: Justin Noe
Animators: Steve Warne, Anna Pearson, Fabrice Pieton Character Design and Puppet Build: Mackinnon and Saunders Sound Design: Iain Grant
VFX/Online: Vine VFX
Sound Mix: Strings and Tins
Storyboard Artist: Miguel Delicado Villar
Production Assistants: Beth Pizey and Felicity Willetts

Casting Director: Jon Levene Cast:
Dunks - Bruce Barker
Inertia Man - Barry Sloane Doc - Paul Anthony Barber

Production Design and sets: Andy Farago at Clockwork Frog
Set Builders: Alan Henry, Andy Bubble, Ben Cook
Modelmakers: Indie Drake-Brockman, Steph Oakley, Laura Watson, Eleanor Barber, Leon Farago

Scenic Artists: Susan Ross, Phil Costello

Animation Studio: Mackinnon & Saunders Facilities Producer: Glenn Holberton
First AD: Leigh Manning
Art Director: John McGuinness

VFX Supervisor: Laura Jones
Workshop Supervisors: Richard Pickersgill / Kevin Scillitoe Rigger: Richard Pickersgill
Armatures: Naomi Sharpe, Sophie Monks, Graeme Hall, Gemma, Byrne,Victor Villalba Perez, Harry Saxon, Cat Murphy
Casting: Emily Mills, Bethan Jones
Costumes: Amanda Thomas, Michele Pouncey-Orr, Lucy Sturley, Diane Dwyer, Andy Bell, Laura Wijngaard, Helen Plaumer Character Design: Takashi Tateoka
Digital Imaging: Anthony Fallows, Neil Sutcliffe
Editor: Tim Owen
Puppet Maintenance: Amanda Thomas, Naomi Sharpe, Sue Robinson Moulds: Tom Pilling, Rob Hazeldine
Paint: Paul Davies
Puppet Build: Mark Thompson, Rebecca Smith
Runner: Rachel Lunt-Travis
Sculpts: Noel Estevez Baker, Takashi Tateoka, Rob Hazeldine, Beth Jupe
Sets: Rachel Crook
Studio Production Manager: Steve Levinshon
Production Accountant: Sasha Dickson
Admin and Support: Rosetta Cassini
Finance: Karen Farrell