An oscillating stream of light attempts to intrude on an arid natural landscape, abstract light and a living environment merge, reacting to the dynamics of the music.
The luminous abstract forms are produced by a light-painting machine that, frame by frame, draws in a real environment the 3D animated figures.
This is an experimental video created by Pablo Barquín, Junior Martínez, Nathan Grimes and Anna Diaz Ortuño.



Pablo Barquín
Junior Martínez

Creative Team:
Pablo Barquín
Anna Diaz Ortuño
Nathan Grimes
Junior Martínez

Executive Producers:
H.I. (Hamill Industries) & Floating Points
Lead Producer:
Anna Diaz Ortuño

Director of Photography:
Nathan Grimes
Research & Technical Development:
Pablo Barquín, H.I.

H.I. Technical Assistant:
Joan Recasens

Anna Diaz Ortuño
Lead Animators:
Fernando Domínguez
Wyz Borrero

Luis “Inkclear” Redondo
Concept Artists:
Junior Martínez
Michele Angelo

Plants Set Decorators:
Estudio Sauvage

Post-production Team:
Agus Verrastro
Florent Bastide

Production Assistants:
Aida Busquets
Lidia Arruego
Digital Intermediate provided by RCO

RCO Colorist:
Seth Ricart

RCO Producer:
Marcus Lansdell

Special thanks to:
Fundación Rio Tinto, Ivan Rodriguez, 380 Monta Llum i Roda, Rab and
Tanya Gordon, Chabeli Rodriguez, Marga Sardà, Alba Barneda, DVEIN,
Agus Verrastro, Pamplona89, RCO, Laura Martinova, Pablo Hugo, Melissa,
Saúl Narbona, Irina, Javo, Elsa Tejera, Jacinto Barquín, Marc Luelmo,
Tinta, Cynthia, Sarah, Mita, Eric and specially to Sam for believing in this project since
the very beginning.
Shot in Río Tinto, Huelva & Hamill Industries Headquarters
Barcelona, 2015
(c) 2015 Pluto