Hamill Industries designed and built four crazy machines that would bring to life the next Converse collection. Every machine, in its particular way, would create the colors and textures of the sneakers. We had a great time making all those semi-functional machines come to life.


Client: Converse
Agency: Anomaly

Production Co.: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producer: Erik Gullstrand

Direction: Hamill Industries & Devein
Machines design and construction: Physalia
Assistant Director: Rubén Goldfarb

Cinematographer: Miquel Prohens
Phantom Operator: Sergi Iracheta
Camera Assistant: Helga Otero
Gaffers: Iván Rubio, Iván Romero

Art Direction: Laia Ateca
Art Direction Assistants: Sandra Marín, Paola González

Head of Production: Marga Sardà
Producer at Dvein: Anna Carretero
Producer at Physalia: Belén Palos
Production Assistant: Maria Vives

Editing: María Antón

Postproduction: Lanczos

Music & Sound Design: Banjo Music